You just found Daniel X. O’Neil.

I am Dan O’Neil, Director of Product Development and Business Strategy at Ad Hoc LLC, a small software engineering company  making government digital services that are fast, efficient, and usable by everyone.

Over my career, I’ve helped pioneer the fields of hyperlocal journalism, open data, open governmenttech philanthropycommunity technologycivic tech, user experience research, and government technology.

On the side, I’ve maintained a number of blogs since 2002 and published tens of thousands of photos covering nature, architecture, and politics. I’ve written four books of poetry & essays and edited, written, and contributed to a number of books in civic tech and community engagement.

You can skip straight to the resume, see screenshots of sites I’ve been a part of, get my bio, read my ethics statement, or view the entire archives of this site by date.  Questions? Call or write anytime— or( 773) 960-6045.