Create Training on CDOT Permits

I helped CDOT leadership create an hour-long training course with the following objective:

To describe the type of approval required prior to making any opening in, or constructing or repairing any pavement in, the Public Way pursuant to Chapter 10-20 and 10-30 of the Code.

Here’s an outline of the content:

Part 1 – License Requirements
Public Way Work Licenses
Insurance Requirements
Letter of Credit Requirements
Notices of Citations – License Suspension
Public Way Work Licenses
Permit Process
General Requirements Pursuant to Chapter 10-20 and Chapter 10-30

Simple Story Posting Site

Developed the technology strategy for the web followup to a direct mail piece going to 35,000 people in advance of Nurses Appreciation Week. The client wanted to allow employees to submit stories about their jobs for publication. There was limited staff to review the submissions and none on the staff had any ability to edit HTML. The client didn’t want to require a user login but they did want to collect some limited user information. I developed the following strategy:

  • Site hosted on an inexpensive hosted account with PHP and MySQL installed
  • WordPress weblog system installed
  • User fills out a simple form, including their story and some identifying data
  • System sends email to the admin with "name, position, city" as the subject line and the story in the body of the email
  • Email also includes a link invoking the built-in WordPress QuickPost feature that is slightly modified so that the subject line becomes the title of the post and the story goes in the body
  • All incoming submissions are sorted to a designated folder in Miscrosoft Outlook. The admin  reviews the submissions, clicks the link in the body of the ones she wants to publish, and clicks the PUBLISH button

An easy-to-use publishing workflow from unauthenticated users to email to a publishing system to the web. Nice.