Document Management System Research and Consulting

Led a large requirements gathering, industry/ tool research, and process consulting engagement for the Law Department of a large Midwestern city. The mission was to discover the document management needs of the Department, match those needs to features of existing enterprise document management vendors, and make a final recommendation. The process went like this:

  • Interview stakeholders in each of the 13 division of the Law Department, discovering needs and features and documenting best practices in the Department for migration to an eventual Document Management System
  • Compile the results into a comprehensive review of the Department
  • Research the Document Management market, match the needs of the Department to available software
  • Contact a chosen set of vendors and lead the evaluation of each product, attending demonstrations, asking questions, and vetting the answers
  • Assemble the final candidates into a comparison matrix, including pricing and feature-to-feature views
  • Come up with a final recommendation for the client
  • Now looking forward to managing the implementation of the system chosen by the client

4-Day Cross-Training for 50 People

Developed and managed four days of cross-training for 50 workers in a large City department that has recently undergone consolidation.

Without any expertise in the speciailized subject matter, my role was to take information from dozens of original sources, create training materials, and work with the trainers in basic training tactics. I also completed a number of important, ancillary tasks such as booking the training space, managing the duplication of training materials, and creating an overall atmosphere conducive to training 50 people to act as one group.

Here are some stats:

  • Put together 33 separate courses covering 28 hours of course time in just three calendar weeks
  • Worked with 13 separate trainers to pull out knowledge and put down into training
  • Sorted through over 700 images, 13 PDFs, and 2 videos
  • Managed a team of two designers who developed templates for PowerPoint and MS Word training materials as well as a final CD of all training
  • Managed the duplication of 50 binders with 1,000 pages of training materials