Dozens of Classroom Sites for a Private Elementary School in Chicago

Development and training on website development using the TypePad Weblog Content Management system already installed and ready for further use. This includes the creation of sites for all teacher classrooms and all approved parent, teacher, and student organizations. Also includes development, launch and consultation on the Moodle open source learning management system.Deliverables:Websites/ Weblogs•    Complete design and set-up of up to three separate templates for different site types (classroom, parent, sport, for example) in consultation with client•    Develop and configure all websites•    Develop custom training materials for all site authors•    Up to 5 training sessions with up to 20 people per sessionMoodle Learning Management System•    Consultation with designated client contact re: goals and objectives•    Review Moodle configuration options•    Run through the Moodle installation & configuration process with designated client contact•    Ongoing consultation, optimization, and researchWeb-Based Calendar System•    Consultation with designated client contact re: calendar goals and objectives•    Source and configure suitable calendar tool

Community Site: Wesley Willis Art

This is my most well-trafficked website, and it generates some (not alot) of revenue via Google AdSense, the eBay Affiliate Program, and & Amazon Associates. The best thing about it is that I’ve become adept at configuring many of the tools available in these programs.The site also serves as a rudimentary tracker for the market for Wesley Willis art, as I track all Wesley Willis items on eBay using their Favorite Search and “Watch This Item” features. This way, people can track the market through time and price their work appropriately.Wesmoney

Personal Website: Derivative Works

My personal website is a test bed for my ideas on copyright law, art, and new web applications. I also use it to try out new features for client sites. The simple, three-column design focuses on pulling content from other web sources via RSS and other lightweight web services:

  • A linklog (for posting quick, annotated links from my Yahoo! My Web 2.0 account without creating a full post)
  • My Flickr photos (custom created through FeedBurner). I made custom TypePad code to deliver the full posts for the last 5 entries and just the headlines for the 5th – 10th most recent
  • Google Ads on just the individual archive page for the post, leaving the homepage ad-free.
  • Google AdSense for Search to deliver the full site search for users and to generate revenue.

This weblog has also become my central site, and I’ve used the TypePad export/ import feature to consolidate posts, categories, and images into one central place.