Andy Kane Art

Created a simple, quick website for a friend and a great artist, Andy Kane Art.

  • Site is built on WordPress and uses the Hemingway theme. Using flexible, feature-filled WordPress themes allows you to stand on the shoulders of giants and still make custom sites that meet specific needs
  • Uses the WordPress Contact Form plugin– very simple to configure, but places in-line styles on every site page. Great for a quickie site like this
  • Installed the FAlbum WordPress plugin,  which uses the Flickr API to deliver images from a specific set in my Flickr account. The result are easy-to-update photo albums that are embedded into the main website but served offsite.
  • Encourages people who’ve purchased art from Andy Kane to upload to Flickr and tag with “andykane“– using free, offsite tools to develop community, build interest, and increase search engine optimization
  • Uses a free TypePad weblog to publish Andy’s poetry book, American Radio Waves. TypePad design mimics color, font, and other styles of the main site w/o needing a new WordPress install. The right tool for the right job

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Catherine Cook School Teacher Websites, Moodle Installation, and All-School Calendar

Created a complete website system for the Catherine Cook School in Chicago. Includes:

  • Over 50 teacher websites based on the TypePad weblog content management system.
  • All of the teacher sites run off of the same template, which reduces admin maintenance while assuring that each website has the CCS website look & feel
  • Teacher sites allow for customization at the blog level– teachers are able to put in the own header, subhead, “my links”, categories, and so on
  • RSS feeds automatically served by FeedBurner, making it easy for parents to understand RSS and subscribe through various services
  • Installed and configured the Moodle Learning Management System with the school’s look & feel
  • Set up Google Calendar so that everyone can keep up with the many events from Pre-K to 12
  • Created OPML file of feeds for all teacher sites for easy importing into RSS readers so that parents, teachers, and administrators can keep up with the whole school