PANEL: Citizen Self-Help: Finding the Infromation You Need

Today I participated in a panel discussion at the National Press Club for Sunshine Week 2008.

Citizen Self-Help: Finding the Information You Need

We will be visiting and talking with creators of websites that help the public avoid having to file official requests or go to offices and meetings to learn what our government is doing: Sheila Krumholz ( Center for Responsive Politics/, David Moore (, Sean Moulton (, and Daniel X. O’Neil (EveryBlock); Greg Elin of Sunlight Labs will moderate. These sites make hard-to-find government information — federal, state and local — easy for the public to find and use and may inspire you to do likewise. A quick report will be given, as well, on an initiative to develop a 21st Century Right-to-Know agenda and recommendations for the next President and Congress.