Reporting / Community-Building on EveryBlock

Here’s a post I made after reviewing EveryBlock during a breaking news story today:

URL: (Daniel X. O’Neil) (#4601)Headline: Connections among police killings and arsons?Location: 32nd and YeslerThe suspect in the Tacoma police ambush killer was believed to be holed up two blocks away from the site of another police ambush killing on Halloween.Here’s the EveryBlock block page for the street where police killed the guy suspected of murdering four Tacoma police officers:’s the EveryBlock block page for the same address on November 1, 2009– the day after the murder of Seattle police officer Timothy Brenton: police arrested someone else in connection with the Brenton murder: They are treating that incident, as well as the attack on the Charles St. Depot (, as “domestic terrorism”: proximity of all these locations, as well as the similarity of the attacks, makes me wonder if they are all related.Trying to make more connections.

POLITICAL EMAIL: I Endorse David Hoffman

Today I composed this email on behalf of the Hoffman campaign:

Dear Supporter:

Yesterday was a big day for our campaign. Chicago City Clerk Miguel del Valle, State Representative Lisa Hernandez, and other leaders in the Latino community announced their support for David Hoffman’s bid for the U.S. Senate.

The leaders supporting David join a growing list of people from all over Illinois who support him.

They’re not riding the prevailing winds. They have the independence to speak out and challenge the insiders and special interests in Washington. They know that David will bring our voice and our concerns to the table and make sure the interests of taxpayers and families are represented.

Please forward this email right now to at least one voter in Illinois. Let them know you endorse David Hoffman for the U.S. Senate.

That’s how we’re going to win this race– with individual Illinoisans standing up to say they’ve had enough with politics as usual. We need your voice– your endorsement– as well.

Yesterday, City Clerk del Valle said, “David Hoffman stands out in this race. He combines the progressive values that will move this country forward with a record of independence and integrity. He will stand up to the special interests and fight to reform health care, education, and the banking and financial services industry.”

These Illinois community leaders join a growing list of Hoffman endorsers:

  • State Senator Susan Garrett
  • State Senator Jeff Schoenberg
  • State Representative Karen May
  • State Representative Lisa Hernandez
  • State Representative Elaine Nekritz
  • Judge Abner Mikva
  • Chicago City Clerk Miguel Del Valle
  • Illinois State Board of Education Chairman Jesse Ruiz
  • Alderman Joe Moore
  • Naperville Democratic Party Chairman Tom Wronski
  • Former Alderman Bill Singer
  • Former Alderman Marty Oberman
  • Former Alderman Dick Simpson
  • Lake County Board Member Michelle Feldman
  • Kane County Board Member Jennifer Laesch
  • McHenry County Board Member Paula Yensen
  • 6th Congressional District State Democratic Central Committeeman, President DuPage Democratic Club Bob Wagner
  • Highland Park City Councilmember Steven Mandel
  • Highland Park City Councilmember Nancy Rotering
  • Highland Park City Councilmember Jim Kirsch
  • Former Highland Park Mayor Dan Pierce
  • Northfield Township Trustee Carol Bluestein
  • Northfield Township Trustee Mary Reynolds
  • Northfield Township Clerk Laura Fine
  • Northfield Township Collector Doug Gereleman
  • Glenview Trustee Scott Britton
  • West Deerfield Township Trustee Ron Schwartz
  • Collinsville Unit 10 School Board Member Gary Kusmierczak

We need your endorsement, too. Forward this email to your family and friends in Illinois with the subject line “I Endorse David Hoffman”. If you are on Facebook or Twitter post, “I Endorse David Hoffman” and link them to our Endorsements page.Thanks for your support.

Daniel X. O’Neil
New Media Director
Hoffman for Illinois

P.S. Show your support right now by forwarding this message to your family and friends with the subject line “I Endorse David Hoffman”!

Magazine: Some of My Writing Featured in Emigre 70

Today I received my signed copy of Emigre 70, a retrospective on one of the most influential graphic design magazines of the last century. I wrote for issues #37 — cover essay, “Joint Venture” (1996), #38 The Authentic Issue (1996), #41 The Magazine Issue (1997), and #46 – Fanzines and the Culture of DIY (1998).

Emigre 70

Some of that work is featured in this issue.I’m also quoted on the inside front cover here:

I say that copyright is the mechanism by which underground people or independent people or people without resources can create a stable entity. There’s only so much land in this world, but you can wake up every single day and create brand new intellectual property. That’s beautiful. Dan O’Neil, Emigre #36, 1996.

Emigre 70 > I'm quoted on the inside front cover.

Presentation:”Hacking the City”at A+DEN National Conference

Today I spoke at the 2009 A+DEN National Conference with my colleague John Tolva. John gave a devastatingly comprehensive take on how read/write data will transform how we interact with our cities. My portion focused on various civic projects. Here’s the description from the program:

Tolva and O’Neil will discuss city spaces as platforms that bring together all aspects of a built environment: physical, digital, social, and political. How do digital tools augment our understanding of the cities we live in and how can they make us more engaged teachers, students, and citizens? What are the larger implications of new technologies for our conception of how the built environment is actually experienced?

Presentation to the A+DEN ( Architecture+Design Education Network) conference in Chicago, November 6, 2009. More here on the A+DEN site.

Note: the lion’s share of this presentation (slides 1 – 69) are by John Tolva. This PDF does not do it justice. Here it is as a movie.