Presentation:”Hacking the City”at A+DEN National Conference

Today I spoke at the 2009 A+DEN National Conference with my colleague John Tolva. John gave a devastatingly comprehensive take on how read/write data will transform how we interact with our cities. My portion focused on various civic projects. Here’s the description from the program:

Tolva and O’Neil will discuss city spaces as platforms that bring together all aspects of a built environment: physical, digital, social, and political. How do digital tools augment our understanding of the cities we live in and how can they make us more engaged teachers, students, and citizens? What are the larger implications of new technologies for our conception of how the built environment is actually experienced?

Presentation to the A+DEN ( Architecture+Design Education Network) conference in Chicago, November 6, 2009. More here on the A+DEN site.

Note: the lion’s share of this presentation (slides 1 – 69) are by John Tolva. This PDF does not do it justice. Here it is as a movie.