Magazine: Some of My Writing Featured in Emigre 70

Today I received my signed copy of Emigre 70, a retrospective on one of the most influential graphic design magazines of the last century. I wrote for issues #37 — cover essay, “Joint Venture” (1996), #38 The Authentic Issue (1996), #41 The Magazine Issue (1997), and #46 – Fanzines and the Culture of DIY (1998).

Emigre 70

Some of that work is featured in this issue.I’m also quoted on the inside front cover here:

I say that copyright is the mechanism by which underground people or independent people or people without resources can create a stable entity. There’s only so much land in this world, but you can wake up every single day and create brand new intellectual property. That’s beautiful. Dan O’Neil, Emigre #36, 1996.

Emigre 70 > I'm quoted on the inside front cover.