Reporting / Community-Building on EveryBlock

Here’s a post I made after reviewing EveryBlock during a breaking news story today:

URL: (Daniel X. O’Neil) (#4601)Headline: Connections among police killings and arsons?Location: 32nd and YeslerThe suspect in the Tacoma police ambush killer was believed to be holed up two blocks away from the site of another police ambush killing on Halloween.Here’s the EveryBlock block page for the street where police killed the guy suspected of murdering four Tacoma police officers:’s the EveryBlock block page for the same address on November 1, 2009– the day after the murder of Seattle police officer Timothy Brenton: police arrested someone else in connection with the Brenton murder: They are treating that incident, as well as the attack on the Charles St. Depot (, as “domestic terrorism”: proximity of all these locations, as well as the similarity of the attacks, makes me wonder if they are all related.Trying to make more connections.