PRESS: The Day EveryBlock Came to Town (EveryBlock Launch in Portland)

Today I was quoted as part of a story covering the launch of EveryBlock Portland. I worked with city officials to help create the standards for their data publication as well as working to understand the data.

To be honest, I like reading that kind of stuff. Maybe you do too. As O’Neil says, “we do have a wider definition of what news is.” Not everyone feels satisfied with the level of detail being provided or the absence of filtering the signal from the noise. It’s hard to imagine machines replacing the human storytelling that journalists provide. The machines could augment that journalism, though, and there’s lots of room for them to do an even better job of it.

The violation text has “Yet to come!” because he was working on some other part of the schema and he didn’t want this text blob to mess the formatting up.

WRITING: New Billboard in Wrigley Field

While covering a neighborhood meeting earlier this week, I got wind of a new billboard that the Cubs organization were trying to get installed in Wrigley Field. I wrote the story here: Wrigley Field Work: New Banners Out Front, Refreshed Scoreboard, New Billboard in Left Field, Batting Cage Improvement, New Umpire Dressing Room, and Redone Restrooms for Opening Day. Here’s a snip:

Lufrano also mentioned a permit request for new sign in Left Field. He said (and for all you serious Wrigley watchers, I may be getting this wrong, so feel free to correct me) that the sign will be placed “in the only place where they don’t have an agreement with owners” of rooftops across the of the Wrigley Field business licenses Oddly enough, you can see in a map of the Wrigley Field business licenses (yes, there is a special type of license issued by the City for Wrigley Field rooftops), there is a gap in left field, right between seven licenses and two other licenses. I’m guessing that’s where the sign will go.”It’s all about the revenue”, said Lufrano. He also said that the sign will be understated, much like “the Under Armor signs on the outfield doors“. One reason he said that they are doing this is that the Cubs “the only team in baseball that gets zero public money.”

Today Blair Kamin (a hero) and another Tribune reporter covered the story as well, adding details on the content of the sign:Cubs owners swing for the fences with proposed giant sign: Cubs plan to put Toyota ad above left-field bleachers.Beating Blair Kamin to an architectural story… not a bad day 🙂