PRESS:”Chicago gets geocoded, use of location-based data on the rise”(Columbia Chronicle)

Nice student story here about geo-info:

Dan O’Neil, manager of business development at Chicago-based website EveryBlock, implements a similar policy. EveryBlock has collected raw data from a variety of sources to provide granular information since 2007, ranging from newly installed bike racks on the street to crimes on any particular city block, in 16 cities in the U.S.O’Neil said he’s interested in the future of automatic geocoded information like the iPass, for example.“We just need more data and better information to make better decisions about things we don’t even know we need to make a decision about yet,” O’Neil said.For EveryBlock’s purposes, publishing information that’s relevant to location is key.“It’s one thing to be at North Avenue, Milwaukee Avenue, and Damen Avenue, talking about how much you love President Obama, but it’s another thing if you start walking and you see President Obama walk into an establishment,” O’Neil said.