PHOTOS: Dan Sinker is @MayorEmanuel

Here’s some photos I took today that got some wide pickup nationally, including an exclusive article in The Atlantic. Here’s a snip from my personal blog, Derivative Works:

Dan Sinker is @MayorEmanuel. Never let it be said that Daniel X. O’Neil cannot keep a secret. This morning I went to Sinker’s house to take some pics for him. One ended up in The Atlantic piece:Dan Sinker is @MayorEmanuelBut I like this Seesmic money shot better:Dan Sinker is @MayorEmanuel (With Seesmic for Android)

I really love these pics.UPDATE: Here’s some media outlets that used my pics:

SPEAKING: Civic Data Chit-Chat at School of the Art Institute

Today I spoke at George Aye’s “Living In A Smart City” classroom at the AIADO department of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Here’s the premise of the course:

Our premise:When a city can gather data on every aspect of it’s citizens activities, what should we do with it? What products, services and environments should we develop?Many private and public sector organisations are rushing us towards a future state where every cup of coffee, cell phone, taxi, bus, street and building will be self-aware and communicating with us and each other. Rather than asking when is this future coming, I’d like to ask what will we do once it’s here.This class is taught by George Aye and with IBM’s Director or Citizenship of Technology, John Tolva. It runs Spring semester 2011 and it’s built on the model of small, problem-centric multi-disciplinary teams of students from Architecture, Interior Architecture and Designed Objects at graduate and undergraduate levels.

Here’s the video of our time together:

REF: Reed in A.V. Club

My good friend and frequent collaborator Harper Reed was interviewed in A.V. Club today, and they reffed some of the work we’ve done together:

After leaving Threadless, Reed focused on his own startup work and hacks, including an unofficial API for the CTA’s bus tracker program that provided web developers with the tools to include bus arrival times into their own applications. He and EveryBlock co-founder Dan O’Neil shared their work with the CTA and saw their ideas grow into an official transit API and developer center.

POLICY: Rahm Emanuel @ EveryBlock

Today Chicago Mayoral candidate Rahm Emanuel visited the EveryBlock offices in the Ravenswood neighborhood of Chicago. This was the result of months of advance work with the Emanuel campaign, and it resulted in a large number of media placements for EveryBlock.Here’s the post on the Emanuel campaign Web site: Rahm visits EveryBlock, discusses plan to help tech companies thrive

Today, Rahm visited EveryBlock, a neighborhood news site based here in the city. He discussed his plan to bring innovators to Chicago, attract tech talent, and help Chicago start-up and tech companies thrive.Click here for more information about Rahm’s plan for job creation.

Rahm Emanuel & Me at EveryBlock