SPEAKING: Civic Data Chit-Chat at School of the Art Institute

Today I spoke at George Aye’s “Living In A Smart City” classroom at the AIADO department of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Here’s the premise of the course:

Our premise:When a city can gather data on every aspect of it’s citizens activities, what should we do with it? What products, services and environments should we develop?Many private and public sector organisations are rushing us towards a future state where every cup of coffee, cell phone, taxi, bus, street and building will be self-aware and communicating with us and each other. Rather than asking when is this future coming, I’d like to ask what will we do once it’s here.This class is taught by George Aye and with IBM’s Director or Citizenship of Technology, John Tolva. It runs Spring semester 2011 and it’s built on the model of small, problem-centric multi-disciplinary teams of students from Architecture, Interior Architecture and Designed Objects at graduate and undergraduate levels.

Here’s the video of our time together:http://vimeo.com/20345386