Panel: Fellows Seminars | Robin Carnahan: “Democracy 2.0: How the Next Generation of Leaders Can Save a System in Crisis”

This evening I spoke at this event:

Oct. 28 at 4:30 p.m: Technology and Governing: How New Technologies,Civic Entrepreneurs, and Start-ups Are Impacting How Citizens View Government

How can tools like crowd sourcing and e-volunteers be used effectively in the public sector? How might individuals interested in creating innovative ways for government to provide services to citizens to launch civic start-ups of their own? SPECIAL GUESTS: Peter Levin, former Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of the U.S. Veterans Administration (VA), Daniel O’Neil, Executive Director of the Smart Chicago Collaborative, a civic organization devoted to making lives better in Chicago through technology. New attendees welcome; free & open to the public.
Great program. Listening to Peter Levin was awesome.