News article: Proposed Illinois budget threatens digital literacy program

Here’s an article from today in the Chicago Tribune about funding for community technology centers. Snip:

Dan O’Neil, an advisory committee member who also is executive director of Smart Chicago Collaborative, whose mission is to increase Internet access, said at the meeting that he believes funding should be doubled.

See also this post I wrote on the Smart Chicago blog: This Morning: Eliminate the Digital Divide Advisory Committee Meeting. Snip:

Since inception, this program has invested circa $30 million in the digital lives of Illinois residents. All the way up and down this state, these funds have led to tens of thousands of people (page 254) getting trained in digital skills at Community Technology Centers.

If you believe in the power of technology to improve lives, if you think we should support the essential work of front-line trainers in this state, if you care about equity in opportunity for all residents of Illinois, this is something that matters to you.Proposed Illinois budget threatens digital literacy program