Panel: The Future of Story Telling in a Data-driven World

Today I participated in a panel in the Tech Breakfast Club: The Future of Story Telling in a Data-driven World. Here’s a description:

Experts from Narrative Science, the Smart Chicago Collaborative and Nuveen Investments will share examples of how marketers are marrying data and natural language technologies to automate routine reports and craft stories that haven’t previously been told.

Panelists were Katy De Leon, Vice President, Marketing, Narrative Science; Daniel X. O’Neil, Executive Director of the Smart Chicago Collaborative; and Andrew Champ, Vice President, Marketing Services, Nuveen Investments. Facilitated by Dan O’Brien, Chief Executive, Tech Image.

I talked about the raw info that is tossed off all the time by municipalities— building permits, restaurant inspections, and other daily detritus of the city. This stuff can be used as nodes of knowledge for those who are paying attention.