Award: California Multiple Award Schedules (CMAS) Contract

Today Ad Hoc was awarded  California Multiple Award Schedules (CMAS) contract number 3-17-70-3437A. This CMAS contract, along with our previous placement on California’s Agile Development Pre-Qualified (ADPQ) Vendor Pool, allows Ad Hoc to bid on a number of opportunities in the state of California.

I helped lead the contract team on this project, compiling past performance, rates, and labor categories necessary for the award. I traveled to Sacramento in order to work directly with government in obtaining the award and to field a team to compete for work.

Headquarters of California Department of General Services.

Award: California’s Agile Development Pre-Qualified (ADPQ) Vendor Pool

Today I helped Ad Hoc get selected for the California’s Agile Development Pre-Qualified (ADPQ) vendor pool. Here’s how the California Department of Technology describes the selection:

The California Department of Technology has announced the selection of 13 vendors who are now part of the State’s expanded Agile Development Pre-Qualified (ADPQ) vendor pool. Along with 11 companies that were previously selected in 2016 when the vendor pool was initially created, there are now 24 vendors eligible to bid on opportunities for agile and user-centered design services. Read more about the establishment of the ADPQ vendor pool on our website: While CWDS has been the first state organization to use the vendor pool for the development of the Child Welfare Services – New System (CWS-NS) project, CDT expanded the pool to increase competition and allow all state agencies and departments to use it. Read the Notification of Selection here.

My role was to manage the overall process, participate in product strategy meetings around the CAlert prototype, and prepare and deliver Ad Hoc’s response.

Here’s the Notification of Selection – PQVP DS-AS List and here’s a screenshot of the prototype:

Subcontract Award: Hospital Quality Reporting

Today I helped Ad Hoc win a subcontract award for Hospital Quality Reporting (HQR). The prime contractor, Bellese, is relying on Ad Hoc to provide all User Experience Research for the project, including four full-time researchers. This allows Ad Hoc to build its capacity in this area and build out a larger team.


Presence St. Joseph Hospital, Chicago

My role was to help identify the opportunity, develop the partnership, assist in creation of the response, and help build the team.

CUTGroup Named one of 15 “bold urban policies with a proven record of success”

Today the Center for an Urban Future published a report, Innovation and the City, that lists the Civic User Testing Group, a community-based UX test ing methodology I invented in February 2013, as  one of 15 “bold urban policies with a proven record of success”. Here’s a snip:

What most civic tech projects have lacked, how- ever, is an active role for city residents. Dan O’Neil is one of the founders of the civic tech movement. As founder and executive director of Smart Chicago Collaborative, an innovation incubator sponsored through a public-private partnership, he has played an instru- mental role in Chicago’s tech endeavors. But at a certain point, O’Neil became disillusioned with the lack of public engagement in the ingenious parade of apps and special-purpose websites that have garnered so much attention and praise. He observed a lack of interest in meeting the needs of ordinary people, or even finding out what they considered their own needs to be.

Smart Chicago addressed the participation gap by shifting their focus from software development to software testing. Applications can be written by a small group of coders in a windowless room, but that’s only the beginning. In the private sector, companies convene user-experience (UX) groups to try out appli- cations or websites and report their experiences. UX groups are less common in the public sector, and O’Neil had the idea of creating one that would also empower and connect its participants.

Here’s the CUTGroup section of the report:


Award: CMS ADELE BPA Prime Contract

Today Ad Hoc was one of six firms awarded a prime contract on the 5-year BPA for Agile Delivery to Execute Legislative Endeavors for Quality Related Initiatives (ADELE-QRI).

I led the response process for this Request For Quote— compiling past performance information, helping draft and edit the Technical Approach to Agile Methodology, and setting BPA pricing.

Gordon Tech Inspiration Celebration: 2014 Inspiring Minds Award

This evening I was honored at my alma mater. Here’s some details:

Gordon Tech College Prep will host the 2nd Annual Inspiration Celebration honoring minds that inspire. The gathering will showcase the school, its talented community and its unique partnership with DePaul University which started in October of 2012. The event usually draws 300 Chicago area business and civic leaders, philanthropists, educators, clergymen, prospective and current families.  The event will raise $250,000-$300,000 in support of student academic scholarships and programs. The 2014 honorees are: Priests and Brothers of the Congregation of the Resurrection (award received by Fr. Gary Hogan), the founders and sponsors of Gordon Tech College Prep and 3 gentlemen from the Class of 1985: Alderman Harry Osterman, 48th Ward, Daniel O’Neil, Executive Director, Smart Chicago and Barry Rodgers, Principal, Lake Forest High School and former principal of Northside College Prep.

I wrote a blog post in preparation for the evening. Here’s a snip:

I’ve written quite a bit about the focus of my Catholic energy here: Easter Morning for an Urban American Catholic in an Age of Misplaced Catholic Energy. This was written prior to the ascendency of Pope Francis. You can understand that I’m stoked about him and his social justice agenda. Some other links:

I am passionate about helping Gordon Tech move into their future as DePaul College Prep, Fr. Gordon Campus, so I am going to be tweeting/ posting/ going on about this event for the next couple of weeks. Thank you for your patience and buy your tickets now.

Here’s remarks by Mary Dempsey, Vice Chair of the Gordon Tech Board of Directors and President of the Philip H. Corboy Foundation upon presenting the award:

Daniel X. O’Neil After graduating from Gordon Tech, Dan O’Neil went on to receive a BA in English and Anthropology from the University of Illinois at Chicago.  He has focused his work in Chicago on the integration of the Internet and technology with public policy, strategy, and communication for the benefit of nonprofits, schools, small and large businesses and government.  As a result, Dan has been at the forefront of initiatives that keep people informed and make their lives better.  He’s the creator of CTA Tweet and CTA Alerts which are used by thousands of Chicago commuters every day.  He’s also one of the cofounders of EveryBlock, which brings government data and information to the public in meaningful and accessible formats and represents one of the more innovative journalism initiatives of the last decade.  Currently, Dan is the first Executive Director of Smart Chicago, a civic organization devoted to improving lives through technology.  Smart Chicago focuses on creating and supporting open technologies that connect Chicagoans with data, opportunities and information that improve health, education, government and quality of life.  Dan has been extraordinarily helpful to Gordon by facilitating a significant grant from the Voqal Fund that will allow us to upgrade our applied sciences equipment in the woodshop and engineering spaces, technology and art studio to create a 21st century Maker Space this summer.  Dan is also deeply committed to Catholic education.  He teaches religious education in area CCD classes and supports the role of Catholic schools as integral to the future of our city.  For his work to bring technology and information to all people and for his dedication and support for Catholic education, we are proud to present Daniel X. O’Neil with the 2014 Inspiring Minds Award.

Here’s some pics:

Here’s more info from the Gordon Tech website:

As a Catholic, co-ed, college preparatory institution, with 4 straight years of enrollment growth, Gordon prides itself on offering an innovative and highly personalized approach to learning. The school currently boasts a 99% graduation rate and 99% college acceptance rate. The students are a diverse group, coming from over 42 different zip codes and 15 different countries. Gordon students are 37% Hispanic, 24% Caucasian, 16% African American, 10% Asian and 13% Multi-Racial. This year alone, Gordon seniors have been accepted into great universities across the country including: Marquette, Loyola, Babson University, University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana, DePaul, Bradley, and the University of Iowa. This list continues to grow.

In October 2012, Gordon and DePaul University announced an academic partnership which has already yielded tremendous results, including collaborations with DePaul’s Schools of Education, Music, and Theatre; open use of the University Library; development of a new strategic plan, vision and mission statements; and the initiation of an International Baccalaureate candidacy.

This year we have hired a top-notch principal, secured grants for Connected Learning and Maker Spaces, and revamped the college coaching program, among many other initiatives, as we work to provide a top-tier educational option. We are thrilled by the new programs and progress at the school, and wish to extend an invitation to support the Inspiration Celebration and to join us on May 12th at Gordon Tech College Prep as we pay tribute to our remarkable honorees.

At Gordon, we are dedicated to providing the finest academic opportunities to our students. Tuition alone does not cover our costs and so we are turning to you to help us raise the funds we need to continue the momentum and energy already underway.

2014 Healthy Chicago Award for Public Health Infrastructure

Today Smart Chicago was honored by the Chicago Department of Public Health for Public Health Infrastructure.

The full annual report is available here

The 2014 Healthy Chicago Awards individual and organization recipients are listed below, along with the Healthy Chicago priority area for which they are recognized.

  • Chicago Black Gay Men’s Caucus (HIV Prevention)
  • Consortium to Lower Obesity in Chicago’s Children (Obesity Prevention)
  • Enroll America (Access to Care)
  • Girls in the Game (Violence Prevention)
  • Health4Chicago (Adolescent Health)
  • Hispanic Health Coalition (Heart Disease & Stroke Reduction)
  • Tom Kompare (Communicable Disease Control)
  • Dr. Phoenix Matthews (Tobacco Cessation)
  • Metropolitan Chicago Breast Cancer Task Force (Cancer Disparity Elimination)
  • Health & Disabilities Advocates (Access to Care)
  • Pediatric AIDS Chicago Prevention Initiative (Healthy Mothers & Babies)
  • Respiratory Health Association (Tobacco Cessation)
  • Smart Chicago Collaborative (Public Health Infrastructure)