Presentation: The Inefficacy of Dots on Maps at Chi Hack Night

Tonight I gave a few remarks at Chi Hack Night #188: Introducing Open Grid. Take a look at the original source video or see the snip below.

Here’s how Chris Hagan of WBEZ covered these remarks in his article, “Chicago launches OpenGrid, latest step in making open data more accessible“:

Dan O’Neil, executive director of the Smart Chicago Collaborative, which assisted on the project, reminded developers that tools such as OpenGrid are a first step. He pointed out that despite Chicago’s advances in open data, problems such as police misconduct have arguably gotten worse.

“There are no dots on a map that stopped that from happening,” O’Neil said. “There is no set of crime statistics that stopped that from happening. We have to find ways to have communion with people who are not here.”

Communion is what matters.

Presentation at Omidyar Ignite: Popularity + Impact in Volunteer Movements Alcoholics Anonymous, Poetry Slams, and the Path to Impact for the Civic Innovation Movement

Tonight I did this Ignite talk, “Popularity + Impact in Volunteer Movements Alcoholics Anonymous, Poetry Slams, and the Path to Impact for the Civic Innovation Movement” at Civic Hall

Here it is for download: Popularity + Impact in Volunteer Movements Alcoholics Anonymous, Poetry Slams, and the Path to Impact for the Civic Innovation Movement

Presentation: The Promise of People in Civic Tech and Moderator: The Intersection of Technology and Civic Life at Treefort/ Hackfort

Today I presented at Hackfort, the technology focus of Treefort Music Festival, in Boise, Idaho.

The presentation was “The Promise of People in Civic Tech”:

I also moderated this panel discussion:

Discussion around creating heroic, and at times disruptive, outputs with technology that have civic impact. Moderated by Daniel X. O’Neil with panelists: Brandon Zehm, TSheets; Michael Hollenbeck, Proskriptive; Jason Hausske, One4All and Treefort’s own Lori Shandro Outen.

Presentation: CUTGroup at Open Gov Hack Night

Today I gave a presentation at Open Gov Hack Night. Description:

Daniel X. O’Neil of the Smart Chicago Collaborative will talk about theCivic User Testing Group, a set of regular Chicago residents who get paid to test out civic apps.

Dan and his colleagues will give a brief presentation about the impetus behind the program and cover its three essential components: UX testing, digital skills, and community engagement. They’ll also talk about how the Civic Tech community here in Chicago can get involved in this program which is being implemented all over the country.

Here’s the full presentation:

And a writeup, including full video:  Dan O’Neil Talks CUTGroup at OpenGov Hack Night

Presentation: Creating Synergies and Capacity through Public Partnerships

Today I did a presentation with Laura Breeden, Program Director, Broadband Technology Opportunities Program (BTOP), US Department of Commerce and Denise St. Omer, Vice President of Community Investment, Greater Kansas City Community Foundation about how BTOP has stimulated our work. Here’s the description:

Community foundations can help communities achieve more equitable use of federal investments and do transformative work simultaneously! This session presents two cases of how community foundations are working in close concert with federal agencies to leverage mission-related strategies:

Until it happens to you

The New Mexico Community Foundation and the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) will share how they have worked together to create a disaster recovery fund and a unique partnership with the Santa Clara Pueblo’s tribal leaders to secure federal restoration funds after devastating fires and floods have destabilized the Santa Clara Canyon, the Pueblo’s ancestral homeland. Presenters will discuss how public funds and diverse private funds can be braided to support different aspects of recovery. Catastrophic disasters impact everything and it really takes a village to rebuild the village.

The Chicago Community Trust and The Greater Kansas City Community Foundation will share how they are able to bring expanded use of the internet to low-income neighborhoods and vulnerable populations by capitalizing on the federal government’s 4.7 billion Broadband Technology Opportunities Program (BTOP). In 2009, BTOP began to expand the nation’s broadband infrastructure by funding 200 projects across the country including 123 infrastructure projects, 66 public computing centers, and 44 Broadband adoption programs for underserved populations. Learn about Chicago’s Smart Communities strategies, Kansas City’s neighborhood-by-neighborhood approach, and how BTOP support for data collection and evaluation helped focus and document the impact of these projects.

Speaker(s): Laura Breeden, Program Director, Broadband Technology Opportunities Program, US Department of Commerce;Denise Gilliam, Recovery Directorate, DHS/FEMA; Daniel O’Neil, Executive Director, Smart Chicago Collaborative, The Chicago Community Trust; Jennifer Parks, President and CEO, New Mexico Community Foundation; Denise St. Omer, Vice President of Community Investment, Greater Kansas City Community Foundation

Slides here:

And some pics from my time in Cleveland:

Baltimore Data Day

Today I participated in “Building a Smarter City: Using Data and Technology to Increase Opportunity, Livability, and Investment”,  at Baltimore Data Day at the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond, Baltimore Branch.

I gave a presentation called, “Getting Smarter in Chicago”