News Article: Chicago seeking ‘smart-city’ tech solutions to improve city life

Today I was quoted in an article in the Chicago Tribune about Chicago’s “smart city” efforts. Here are two relevant snips:

“How do we connect these abstract, big-picture, big-data initiatives to the needs of the residents of Chicago who are struggling under a failure to fund education and under a police force that thwarts the will of the people?” asked Daniel X. O’Neil, executive director of Smart Chicago Collaborative, a civic group that aims to improve residents’ lives through technology.


Those lessons likely will apply to Chicago as well as it pursues its smart-city strategies. O’Neil, of the Smart Chicago Collaborative, suggests the city and its partners keep their eyes on one overarching goal.

“I find immense value in what they are doing (but) I continue to drive them, and drive all of us and anyone in the smart-cities movement, to work harder at finding out how we can make lives better,” he said. “I continue to have consternation at how all this fits together.”

Smart City Chicago Tribune

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PANEL: Looking at Infrastructure: Smart Cities & Smart Government

Today I participated in a panel discussion about Smart Cities. We covered a lot of ground, including equity.

Looking at Infrastructure: Smart Cities & Smart Government – Embark on a panel discussion regarding the issues associated with smart city projects ranging from infrastructure considerations to imperatives regarding privacy, ownership, and stewardship of data, to funding issues and policy issues which can detract or enhance the outcomes of these initiatives.

  • Moderator: Sol Salinas, Managing Director, Accenture Digital-Mobility
  • Mohamad Nasser, Sr. Director of M2M Product, Platforms & Marketing, Sprint
  • Dan O’Neil, Executive Director, Smart Chicago
  • Karen Weigert, Chief Sustainability Officer, City of Chicago
  • Paul Steinberg, CTO, Motorola Solutions
  • Omar Elrafei, Business Development, Eluminocity