A New Set of Voqal Grants in Chicago

Today Voqal  announced a series of new grants here in Chicago. Here’s a snip from their press release:

The Voqal Fund is pleased to announce six new grants to organizations working in the Chicago area to enhance the community and strengthen social equity. The grants  to Chicago Filmmakers (Chicago Digital Media Production Fund), BYP100, Illinois Coalition for  Immigrant and Refugee Rights, City Bureau, State Innovation Exchange (SiX) and Illinois  Humanities reflect Voqal Fund’s commitment to support progressive movements for social

Being a part of the Voqal board is one of my great joys. I am personally invested in many of these grants. The work of stitching together a coherent set of workers— led by Voqal program officer Leah Pryor-Lease—  is very much worth doing.

Here’s the complete press release.

City Bureau 2015 at the Firehouse