Andy Kane Art

Created a simple, quick website for a friend and a great artist, Andy Kane Art.

  • Site is built on WordPress and uses the Hemingway theme. Using flexible, feature-filled WordPress themes allows you to stand on the shoulders of giants and still make custom sites that meet specific needs
  • Uses the WordPress Contact Form plugin– very simple to configure, but places in-line styles on every site page. Great for a quickie site like this
  • Installed the FAlbum WordPress plugin,  which uses the Flickr API to deliver images from a specific set in my Flickr account. The result are easy-to-update photo albums that are embedded into the main website but served offsite.
  • Encourages people who’ve purchased art from Andy Kane to upload to Flickr and tag with “andykane“– using free, offsite tools to develop community, build interest, and increase search engine optimization
  • Uses a free TypePad weblog to publish Andy’s poetry book, American Radio Waves. TypePad design mimics color, font, and other styles of the main site w/o needing a new WordPress install. The right tool for the right job

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Business Ethics Consulting Website

First website for a timely new company, Business Ethics Consulting Group LLC. It’s a nifty fresh little site that gets all things done you’d expect to see– about them, why you need them, how to contact them, and other things.

It also has a news section based on TypePad. David Montgomery uses the easy TypePad publishing platform to publish some great insights on moving past Enron and smart commentary on current topics in business ethics. Overall, a great new addition to the internet and the burgeoning world of RSS.


Castle Restoration&Tuckpointing: Search Engine Optimization

A great example of superior search engine optimization. This client went from having no website at all to being in the top 5 in all desired search keyword phrases, including Lake County Tuckpointing and Chicago Tuckpointing. Project included:


Image below shows client web properties dominating all of the top 5 results in Yahoo! for "lake county tuckpointing", including static site, weblog, and Flickr account. Client’s new business phone number appears 3 times in the first five results.


Training: “Websites for Small Businesses” in Rogers Park

Today I began teaching a new course that I wrote– “Websites for Small Businesses”. The course is sponsored by DevCorp North. Here’s the first night materials:

This is a custom 9-hour course taught in three-hour stretches over three days. Syllabus as follows:

Learn How to Create & Maintain a Professional Website
for your small business

This is a hands-on class where you will learn and do at the same time! This is an intensive course spread over two 4-hour classes. At the end, you will have your own website, webhost, email, and other web-based tools for growing your business.

Learn tips & tricks for making a professional website for your business. All of the tools you will use in this class are web-based and inexpensive. Unlock the power of the internet for you and your business.

Web Hosting
—Find the right web host for you
—Learn about the features and lingo of web hosting
—Evaluate various plans and choose the right one for you

Web Design
—Use inexpensive web publishing tools
—Build an easy-to-use website in
—Learn the basics of HTML and CSS

Email, Marketing, and Search Engine Optimization
—Set up email accounts
—Learn tips for using the internet to find customers
—Create compelling content that appeals to search engines

Web Publishing & Maintenance
—Stay on top of new tools you use to improve your site cheaply
—Learn about e-commerce and other advanced techniques
—How to buy your own URL

—Learn basic internet skills (search engines, email management, configuring your browser, and so on)

We had three students show up:
  • An attorney who has hired a web developer to launch his site and wants to be able to update it after it’s launched. We’re going to create a weblog newsletter for him that matches his site and teach him how to use it for marketing. He said we’ve “already changed my life” because he now has a GMail account with all of his disparate email accounts being handled in one interface
  • An entrepreneur who is a clothing business based on natural materials. We bought a URL and we’ll start developing the site next week
  • Aa Spanish Hip Hip artist who wants his own a website. Advised him on getting his domain name and had him sign up for a MySpace account, where he is uploading his music.

Training: Bilingual (Spanish/ English) Computer Training

Today after 12:30 Spanish language mass at Queen of Angels Parish (2-4 PM), I led a class for  basic computer skills– operating system, word processing, internet searching, to Spanish speakers. Some upshots:

  • Over 20 people attended
  • 5 biluingual speakers who served as proctors/ translators/ helpers for others
  • All attendees succeeded in obtaining Yahoo! Mail acocunts
  • People immediately got to work– emailing relatives in Mexico, emailing the 12:30 Mass Lector schedule, etc.

The cool thing was that there was a matrix of language and computer skills— great english speaker/ bilingual/ great english speaker; no email account/ mid-level internet browser person/ tech geek— that it became something of a salon. Everyone taught everyone else. It wasn’t a classic stand-up teacher/ listen-up students type-thing. People got VERY passionate and it sparked alot of action.

Here are some great resources we used:

  • We had all levels of computer skills– from complete beginners to people with their own websites
  • We all helped each other
  • More to come!